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Artificial and natural fibers

Apparel fabrics


Apparel fabrics

individual prints in small- and large batch series orders: not exceeding
50.000 running meter – Put your requests to our team.

Print on natural fibre – range overview:

“Creta”  „Creta“ cretonne 100% cotton, ca. 135 g/qm (150 cm nominal width)
“Leron” “Leron” mako satin 100% cotton, ca. 125g/qm (150 cm nominal width)
“Barock”  “Barock”renforcé, 100% cotton, ca. 120g/qm (150 cm nominal width)
“Panama” “Panama”half-panama, 100% cotton, ca. 200g/qm (150 cm nominal width)
“Jena” “Jena”Batist batiste, 70/30% cotton/silk, ca. 42g/qm (135 cm nominal width)
“Ilona” “Ilona” interlock, 100% cotton, ca. 180g/qm (150cm nominal width)
“Lilli” “Lilli” interlock, 100% cotton, ca. 140g/qm (150 cm nominal width)
“Florentina”  “Florentina” single jersey, 73/7% viscose/ elastane, ca. 190g/qm (145 cm nominal width)
“Soft Silk” silk 100% , ca. 83 g/qm (135 cm nominal width)
NEW: “Air Silk” 100% silk, ca. 39 g/qm (135 cm effective width)
NEW: “Maxicotton 310” 100% cotton, ca. 210 g/qm, 310 cm nominal width, minimum : 200
running meter, 5 weeks delivery time.
NEW: “Soft Panama” panama 100% cotton, ca. 190 g/qm (ca. 280 cm nominal width) –
strong character of weaving structure combined with a maximum of clolour saturation
(minimum: 200 running meter, 4 weeks delivery time.)
NEW: “EuroSatin” Satin, 100% cotton, ca. 120 g/qm (ca 280 cm nominal width) – pleasant and particularly soft feel (minimum: 100 running metre, 4 weeks delivery time)
NEW: “Airlight Cotton” 100% cotton, ca. 105 g/qm (280 cm nominal width) – light cotton fibre goods, deep print layout (minimum: 100 running meter, 4 weeks delivery time)

A multitude of further materials is possible in this department.

Contact our team and ask them to find the most suitable technique and application technology for the product you are looking for!

amount: minimum 20 running meter
print data: JPG, TIFF
colour space: RGB
resolution: 200 dpi 1:1

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