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Natural fiber materials

Natural fibre / cotton fibre print


Natural fibre / cotton fibre print

New: Think big with maxicotton 310!

An outstanding market newcomer: Cotton of first-class quality is printed. The fabrics reach a width of 3,10 meters! They provide much space for large format designs and leave no unsettled desires. Please keep in mind: the minimum is 200 running meters.

Our apparel fabrics – ask for samples!

In our cotton factory we print on selected fabrics for clothing, tablecloths and environmentally – sustainable advertising banners. Fashion textile as well as home textile offer ideal possibilities to produce exclusive series with your preferred themes using fabrics like twill, jersey up to half-panama and batiste, too. We provide you with individually printed on piece goods in small lot and large lot production of natural fibre cotton.

Or do you even want individually printed bed linen?

There is a selection of ten different apparel fabrics which can be used for an individual
printing in our standard range.

Digital printing on cotton, that is natural fibers, is a technique by which the single steps of the
manufacturing process are co-ordinated. Unique prints in outstanding quality on your chosen fabrics are the outcome. Realisations of your own themes, photos/pictures and your own design on single pieces and individual items are also possible in this ressort.

We enjoy advising you on the possibilities of realisation in our company, because we want to
gain the best resolution of your ideas while carrying out your print ideas.

Printing techniques applied with cotton : digital print with reactive ink

Because of its chemical componition reactive ink is perfectly suitable when using direct print
with pretreated natural fibre fabrics.

Prints on for instance cotton, blended fabric or even special silk can be realized in highest
brilliance. After printing the colours must be fixed in the fabric. While heating the coloured fabric by steam (so-called “steaming“) a chemical reaction starts and the pigments are connected with the printed textile.

The still remaining not fixed pigments are washed out.

Only now the intended brilliance and depth of colour as well as the appropriate levels of the
resistance to fading are reached.

The following step is the finishing, also called dressing. It is the last part of the process.

The final treatment determines the characteristic elements of the fabric and its usage, e.g.
outlook, grip, handling and care.

The fabrics of our company all get a suitable and characteristic finishing after the print. They
are washed, put under tension, cockled or mercerized.

NEW: range of fabrics containing natural fibers:

“Creta” cretonne 100% cotton, ca. 135 g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Leron” mako satin 100% cotton, ca. 125g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Barock” renforcé, 100% cotton, ca. 120g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Panama” half-panama, 100% cotton, ca. 200g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Jena” half-panama, 100% cotton, ca. 200g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Ilona” interlock, 100% cotton, ca. 180g/qm (140cm finished width)
“Lilli” interlock, 100% cotton, ca. 140g/qm (140cm finished width)
“Florentina” single jersey, 93/7% viscose/ elastane, ca. 190g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Lingery” (swim- and beachwear) warp knit fabric, 80/20% polyamid/elastane, ca. 190 g/qm (140cm finished width)
“Soft Silk” (Momentarily not included!) silk 100% , ca. 83 g/qm (140cm finished width)
NEU: “Maxicotton 310“
100% cotton, ca. 210 g/qm, 310 cm finished width, minimum: 200
running meter, 5 weeks delivery time
NEU: “Soft Panama”* 100% cotton, ca. 190 g/qm (ca. 280cm finished width) – strong
character of weaving structure combined with a maximum of colour saturation (minimum: 200 running meter, 4 weeks delivery time)
NEU: “EuroSatin“* Satin, 100% cotton, ca. 120 g/qm (ca 280cm finished width) – pleasant and particularly soft feel (minimum: 200 running meter, 4 weeks delivery time)
NEU: “Airlight Cotton“* 100% cotton, ca. 105 g/qm (280cm finishing width) – light cotton fibre goods, deep print layout (minimum: 200 running meter, 4 weeks delivery time)

*We would be pleased to send these innovative fabric qualities as single samples to your home by post.

Characteristic features of cotton

Cotton is multifunctional: it is soft, cool, breathable, and comfortable.
It is unbeatable concerning life period and utilisation.

The raw material cotton exists in different qualities, which are based on the length, strength,
and delicacy of the single cotton fibres: the longer and more delicate the fibres are the more
valuable is the final product!

Cotton is a cellulose fibre (pure vegetable), which is picked from cotton trees.
The cotton fibre is naturally very soft and skin-friendly and can retain much moisture. Products made from cotton can sometimes shrink and crinkle when being washed.
This is the characteristic effect of inelastic fibres. These disadvantages can be prevented by an appropriate equipment.

Advantages of cotton:

  • nonfelting
  • hardwearing
  • skin-friendly
  • heat-resisting
  • temperature balancing
  • antistatic
  • air permeable
  • breathable
  • high tensile strength and abrasion resistance

BATISTE is the collective term for fibrous textiles made from cotton.

COTTON SATIN is a fibrous textile in satin weave.
Satin weave appears silky, because it has a more or less glossy and untextured surface. Fore front and rear side show different textures. The advantages of satin you find in the aesthetic field. Its main and basic character is decorative. It is often used for premium bed linen and noble fashion-outfits.
Cotton satin is usually mercerisised:
Water – resistant finishing improves the appearance and the usage property of the product. By this treatment the washability is enhanced and a permant and waterproof shining is created.

INTERLOCK is a weave for fine und extremely elastic knitted fabrics. It is suitable for high quality underwear T-shirts and also bed linen.

PANAMA is a flat textile, which is produced by the so-called matt weave. Because of its special weave a rectangular structure occurs.

POPELINE is a textile made from cotton by linen weave. It is especially suitable for shirts, blouses, coats and blousons.

REINFORCÈ is a cotton textile produced by linen weave. Amongst others it is used as table-cloth like cretonne or as basic fabric for simple printing.

SINGLE-JERSEY is a flat and less elastic knit fabric.
It is often charged with elastane to enlarge its stretchability.
Privileged application areas are T-shirts and underwear.

René Thomas
Manager Stoffdruck

Print specification:

•    Minimum: 20 running meter/selected quality
•    file format: JPG
resolution: 200 dpi final size 1:1
•    colour space: RGB

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