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PhotoFabrics fabrics


PhotoFabrics fabrics

  • PhotoFabrics© The used 8-colour – printing in large format is of an up to now never achieved photo quality.
  • Digital textile printing offers rising possibilities to print designs, themes and advertising
    messages on various fabrics.
    There are almost no bounds for your ideas and the printing process.
  • The printing technique is environmentally-friendly because water-based ink is used. This is
    ecologically worthwhile. The print result is of brilliant colour, washing-proof, UV-resistant, scratch-proof, chemically resistant, skin-friendly, and electrostatic-proof.
  • The printing technique can be used with almost all kinds of fabric. UV-resistance is here at its best. After printing the colours are fixed in the textile fibres by heating. Superfluous pigment content does not cause water-pollution.
  • PhotoFabrics prints are characterized by intensive colours and excellent colour rendering. The application of additional colour equipment increases the representable colour space.
    Since 2012 PhotoFabrics has even been producing fabrics in fluorescent neon colours. For this purpose have a look at neon on fabric!
  • Besides the requirements of making colour brilliant textile prints of premium quality, it gets
    more and more important to mould the fabrics beautifully, individually and to use the latest designs.
    Long lasting experience in tailoring and clothing industry help our team to put the finishing touches to the fabrics.
  • We produce large and small lots.

Our range of PhotoFabrics cloth:

“Deko4” 100% polyester, ca. 225 g/qm
ideal for banners, slip covers, tablecloths and commercial large amounts.
“DekoStretch” 100% polyester, ca. 250 g/qm
ideal for chair covers and tablecloths (crease – resistant)
“Flag” 100% polyester, ca. 110 g/qm
ideal for flags in the outdoor area, both-sides colouring (dimple, print through)
“Stage” 100% polyester, ca. 340 g/qm (double sided printable)
Printable on both sides and correctly readable as well as bright shiny surface.
“BacklitLUX“ 100% polyester, ca. 165g/qm
for ideal light with a LED-stentering frame.
“StageLight” 100% polyester, ca. 270 g/qm
single-sided printable blockout for opaque employment (on the rear side a light blocking layer)
“Satin” 100% polyester, ca. 140 g/qm
light and premium-quality fabric with shiny surface.
“Heavy Satin” 100% polyester, ca. 280 g/qm
fabric of extremely robust construction, glossy surface.
“Gaze” 100% polyester, ca. 90 g/qm
transparent trimmings, extremely light textile.
“MicroBacklit” 100% polyester, ca. 270 g/qm
wrinkle-resistant micro fibre, also usable for LED-backlighting with stentering frames.
“Backlit DekoTex” 100% polyester, ca. 260 g/qm
perfect for lighting the back side by neon lamps.
NEW: “Deko-Lite” plastic film fabric for stentering frames (Hi-Res)
NEW: “Deko-Lite-Backlit” plastic film fabric for backlighting.


Advantages of sublimation printing:

During sublimation printing solid state materials are changed into gaseous state ones. Textile fibres are directly printed on. This kind of printing increases the life period of the colours.

Sublimationsstoffe Sortiment

intensive colours:
Sublimation print offers unique qualities concerning contrast, intensitiy and depth of colours.

anti – reflection:
Sublimate fabric is able to absorb light and eliminate possibly occurring specular reflection.

environmentally-friendly technique:
The printing technology und the varieties of inks are environmentally-friendly. They do not contain any solvents and are free from nasty or even painful odours.


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