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These 25 fabrics you receive in your sample swatch:


Fabric from our range:

“Deko4” 100% polyester, ca. 225 g/qm
ideal for banners, slip overs, tablecloths and commercial largeamounts
“DekoStretch” 100% polyester, ca. 250 g/qm
ideal for chair covers and tablecloths (crease – resistant)
“Flag” 100 % polyester, ca. 110 g/qm
ideal for flags in the outdoor area, dual-sided colouring (dimple, print through)
“Stage” 100 % polyester, ca. 340 g/qm
dual-sided printable, correctly readable and bright shiny surface
“BacklitLUX“ 100% polyester, ca. 165g/qm
used for ideal light with a LED-stentering frame
“StageLight” 100% polyester, ca. 270 g/qm
single-sided printable blockout for opaque use (on the rear side a light blocking layer)
“MicroBacklit” 100% polyester, ca. 270 g/qm
crinkle-free micro fibre, also usable for LED-background lighting with stentering frames
NEW: “Deko-Lite” plastic film fabric for stentering frames (Hi-Res)
NEW: “Deko-Lite-Backlit” plastic film fabric for background lighting in stentering frames


Selection of our natural fibre range:

“Creta” cretonne 100% cotton, ca. 135 g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Leron” mako satin 100% cotton, ca. 125g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Barock” renforcé, 100% cotton, ca. 120g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Panama” half-panama, 100% cotton, ca. 200g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Jena” batiste, 70/30% cotton/silk, ca. 42g/qm (130cm finished width)
“Ilona” Interlock, 100% cotton, ca. 180g/qm (140cm Fertigbreite)
“Lilli” interlock, 100% cotton, ca. 140g/qm (140cm finished width)
“Florentina” single jersey, 93/7% viscose/ elastane, ca. 190g/qm (150cm finished width)
“Lingery” (swim- and beachwear) warp knit fabric, 80/20%
polyamid / elastane, ca. 190 g/qm (140cm finished width)
“Soft Silk”
(Momentarily not included!)
silk 100% , ca. 83 g/qm (140cm finished width)
“TelaVela” panama, 100% cotton, ca. 350 g/qm (150cm finished width) – fabric for covering furniture (the grip-proof fabric is available, smallest order 150 running metre)
“Saia Egizia“ gabardine, 100% cotton, ca. 185 g/qm (150cm finished width) – tablecloths made from 100% cotton(minimum: 150 running metre)
NEW: “Maxicotton 310“ 100% cotton, ca. 210 g/qm, 310 cm finished width, minimum :
200 running metre, 5 weeks delivery time
NEW: “Soft Panama” 100% cotton, ca. 190 g/qm (ca. 280cm finished width) – strong
character of weaving structure combined with a maximum of colour saturation (minimum: 200 running metre, 4 weeks delivery time)
NEW: “EuroSatin“ 100% cotton, ca. 120 g/qm (ca 280cm finished width) – pleasant and particularly soft feel (minimum: 200 running metre, 4 weeks delivery time)
NEU: “Airlight Cotton“ 100% cotton, ca. 105 g/qm (280cm finished width) –light cotton
merchandise, rich print image (minimum: 200 running metre, 4 weeks delivery time)

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