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Neon colours


Neon colours

Prints on Fabrics with Fluorescent Pink and Yellow

Pink and yellow have never been so bright: The company “PhotoFabrics”, located in Ludwigsburg, now supplies fabric prints with fluorescent dyes in these two signal colors. The new “NeoFabrics” light up more than previous sublimation colors. These colors bond with the substance molecules under heat and are permanently encapsulated by the synthetic fibers when cooling.

An initial focal point for the development of this world novelty was the desire for even more luminosity, a wish that customers – manufacturers of sports jerseys, warning vests and warning signs, as well as nightclub operators – had again and again expressed to the manager and textile engineer Peter Sapper. “After having invested in modifying an 8-color sublimation printer, we are now one of the world’s first companies to print these colors on fabrics with a polyester content of at least 60%.”

Thanks to a higher reflection level, NeoFabrics unfold their full effect in the dark under the influence of UV or black light. This is the invisible electromagnetic radiation with a shorter wavelength than visible light. Particularly effective are the brilliant, radiant shades in combination with deep black. This should not only make nightclub owners and manufacturers of warning vests happy, but also inspire advertisers and fashion designers.

Further information:

  • Daylight colors or fluorescent colors are more colour-intensive and more brilliant than the process colours CMYK.
  • These are not suitable for the safety area because special DIN standards (reflective value, afterglow time) have to be fulfilled for this purpose.
  • How does fluorescence work?
    Specific dye molecules are induced by normal daylight. Practically, the invisible UV part of daylight is converted into visible light and cumulated to daylight reflection, increasing the “light output”. This is a short-term effect, in contrast to phosphorescent colours.
  • The fluorescent pigments are rather non-durable. Therefore, no recommendation for permanent outdoor use! Sportswear is no problem because of short term exposure?

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