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Wilkommen in der Welt der fluoreszierenden Stoffdrucke

Fabric print

Your stage event with light power

Neon fabric print

Higher luminous efficacy due to reflection of the

Invisible UV components in the light

Neon fabric print

Experience the uniqueness of these possibilities!

Neon fabric print

Bright colours with UV effect

Neon fabric print

Give your advertising more attention

with our fluorescent colours!

Neon fabric print

Direct printing with fluorescent colours!

Neon fabric print

We print your tension fabric with neon colours!

Also for LED applications

Neon fabric print

water-based ink - intensive colours

Neon fabric print

Fluorescent yellow and pink

Neon fabric print

Also for exhibition panels, counters or roll ups

Neon fabric print

Picture motif as wall panorama for

the regional black light bowling alley

Neon fabric print

Yard goods in the uni neon colours are also possible

Neon fabric print

Send us your favourite motif!

Impressive and luminous effects guaranteed!

Neon fabric print

Our Neon Room at the fair

Neon fabric print

Reacts in conjunction with UV light

Neon fabric print

Our neon basic colours are neon yellow and neon pink


Neon fabric, print with neon colours

Fabric prints with fluorescent pink and yellow

Pink and yellow have never been so radiant: PhotoFabrics GmbH of Ludwigsburg has recently started supplying fabric prints with fluorescent dyes in these two signal colours. The new "NeoFabrics" are more luminous than previous sublimation dyes. These are colours that combine with the fabric molecules when exposed to heat and are permanently enclosed by the synthetic fibre when it cools down.

The initial spark for the development of this world first was the wish for even more luminosity, which customers - manufacturers of sports jerseys, high-visibility waistcoats and warning signs, but also nightclub operators - had repeatedly expressed to managing director and textile engineer Peter Sapper. "After we made a financially expensive retrofit of an 8-colour sublimation printer, we are now one of the first companies in the world to be able to printthese colours on fabrics with a polyester content of at least 60 per cent," says a delighted René Thomas, operations manager.

Thanks to a higher degree of reflection, NeoFabrics unfold their full effect in the dark under the influence of UV or black light. This is electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to humans and has a shorter wavelength than visible light. The brilliant, radiant colours in combination with deep black are particularly effective. This should not only make nightclub owners and manufacturers of high-visibility waistcoats happy, but also inspire advertisers and fashion designers.

Further information:

  • Dayglow or fluorescent inks are stronger and more brilliant than CMYK process colours.
  • These are not suitable for safety areas, as special DIN standards must be met for this (reflection value, persistence).
  • How do coruresko tones work?
    Special dye molecules are excited by normal daylight. In practice, the invisible UV component of daylight is converted into visible light and accumulated for daylight reflection. The "light yield" is thus increased. In contrast to afterglow colours, this effect is only short-lived.
  • The dye degrades relatively quickly in the case of corridor shades. Therefore not recommended for permanent outdoor use! Sportswear is not a problem because it is only short-term.

Alternatively and the perfect complement to our neon fabrics, we print carpets with neon colours.
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