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Yes, we rent out extra large press walls!

By the way: We print carpets!

See our printed Red-Carpet carpets at: www.teppich-printer.de

New: Your press back wall in 2.40m height and 6.0m width

Important: Photographers want large back walls

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Our SlimFrame press wall for urgent events

e.g. width up to 500cm, height 230cm

By the way: We print carpets!

See: Red-Carpet at www.teppich-printer.de

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Rent a press wall

PREMIUM Press Wall Grande

Rent or buyfree of charge! The right press or sponsor wall for your event.

A new feature of our press wall, which you can rent, is the size of 6 x 2.4m. The height is important so that the photographer has enough background.

A total of 35 square metres of fabric is used for this, as the wall is made up as a cover.

An additional advantage is that you can set them up super quickly. Then the fabric is pulled over the scaffolding like a cover.
The best thing about it: you can rent the wall from us free of charge and only pay for your individual fabric print, confection included! Available from now on as a rental product. Included in the delivery (rental) scope: a simple block-out fabric that is clamped into the substructure as additional light protection.

Instructions for assembly can be found here.

Red Carpet Rugs

Match our printed Red Carpet rugs to make your event unforgettable!

Press events, film premieres, corporate events

For press events, film premieres, corporate events or annual general meetings, large logo backdrops are often used as photo backgrounds. What they all have in common is the task of enabling high-quality press photos on which, for example, the logos of the main sponsors are easily recognisable.

We have designed just the right thing for you! See our press walls here and let us advise you depending on the intended use.

Immediately available and frequently used rental walls:

6 x 2.40 metre wall incl. accessories, central T-profiles & 2x support pole, outrigger feet and rollable nylon bag

Easy to assemble directly at the event location, fabric covering made individually and appropriately according to your print data.
Material: opaque fabric and high-resolution digital print on the front, on request also on the back, B1 certified.

We are already happy to receive measurements with your enquiry (maximum height, width, free-standing or with wall bracket, date and place of use).

You still need the right red carpet for your event?
Find inspiration on Teppich-Printer and you will be surprised what is possible!

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