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Name Description Use Stoffbreite max. Zertifikate Printing method Min. quantity
Deco4 100% PE-Wirkware / ca. 225 g/m² Banner, Hussen, Tischdecken und wirtschaftliche Großmengen. 310 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
BackBlack 100% PE-Wirkware / ca. 270 g/m² Messebau, Rahmensysteme, Backdrops 500 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation & UV 3m²
Backlit Lux 100% PE-Wirkware / ca. 165 g/m² / Backlit Hintergründe, Spannrahmen 260 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
DekoCanvas 100% PE/ ca. 310 g/m² Banner, Spannrahmen, Backgrounds, Museum 260 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Satin 100% PE / ca. 130 g/m² Vorhänge, Kunstprojekte, Übergardinen, Bett-Tischwäsche 150 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
HeavyStretch MS 300 89% PE / 11% EL, ca. 300g/m² 3D Objektverkleidungen, Spanndex, Bühnenbau 250 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
MicroBacklit 100% PE Webware / ca. 260 g/m² Tischdecken, Hussen, Vorhänge, Gardinen, Kissen, Bettwäsche 250 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Flag 100% PE, ca.110g/m² Fahnen, Bauzaunbanner 310 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Backlit DekoTEX 100% PE-Webware / ca. 270 g/m² Spanntücher/Kedertücher, Fotowände, Backdrops, Bühnen-/Kulissentücher 250 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Lycra Stretch 80% PI / 20% EL, ca. 195g/m² Bademode, Spanndex, Kunstprojekte, 145 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Deko 4 Light 100% PE-Wirkware / ca. 205 g/m² günstige Werbung auf Stoff, kein B1 200 cm OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Soft Deko Twill 100% PE-Wirkware / ca. 120 g/m² Tücher, Vorhänge, Bühnenbau, schön fließend, weich im Griff, Kunstprojekte 250 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
GAZE 100% PE-Wirkware / ca. 52 g/m² Transparenter Stoff, Kunstprojekte, Tücher, Bühnenbau 250 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Heavy Satin 100% PE Webware / ca. 280 g/m² Tischdecken, Hussen, Messewände, Vorhänge, Gardinen 250 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
NeoFabrics Auf nahezu allen Polyesterqualitäten möglich Druck mit fluoreszierenden Farben 180 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Deko Silk 100% PE / ca. 195 g/m² abwischbare Tischdecken, wasserabweisend, Hussen, Vorhänge, Backlit 500 cm B1, OEKO-TEX UV Druck 3m²
Solvotex Solvotex / ca. 300 g/m² / 100% PE Großformatige Banner, Bühnenbau, Messebau 500 cm B1, OEKO-TEX UV Druck 3m²
TAFETTA 100% PE-Wirkware / ca. 70 g/m² Auto Abdeckungen, leicht transparent, Kunstprojekte, Bühnenbau 310 cm B1, OEKO-TEX, Reibechtheitszertifikat Sublimation 3m²
Marketta 100% PE-Webware, ca. 310g/m² Markisen, Sonnenschrime,, Outdooranwenungen 120 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Transfer 3m²
Voile 100% PE-Wirkware / ca. 60 g/m² Tücher, Kunstprojekte, Bühnenbau 155 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²
Deko Stretch 100% PE-Webware / ca. 250 g/m² Tischdecken, Hussen, Vorhänge, Gardinen, Bühnenbau, Kunstobjekte, Objektverhüllung 305 cm B1, OEKO-TEX Sublimation 3m²

Photofabrics Fabrics

  • PhotoFabrics© The 8-colour printing process in large format fabric printing delivers unprecedented photo quality.
  • Digital textile printing offers more and more possibilities for reproducing designs, motifs and advertising messages on a wide variety of textiles.
    Thanks to the latest techniques and materials, there are almost no limits to ideas and their implementation.
  • Thanks to water-based ink, the printing process is environmentally friendly and of great advantage from an ecological point of view. The finished print result is brilliantly coloured, wash-resistant, UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, chemically resilient, kind to the skin and free of electrostatic charges or build-up.
  • The process is suitable for almost all types of fabric. The UV fastnesses are the best here. After printing, the colours are fixed into the fibres of the fabric using heat. Excess ink does not pollute the water.
  • PhotoFabrics fabric prints are characterised by intense colours and excellent colour reproduction. Through the use of additional colour fillings, the colour space that can be represented is increased.
    Since 2012, Photofabrics has introduced printing with fluorescent NEON colours. See Neon on fabric.
  • In addition to the requirement to produce colour-brilliant textile prints in the best possible quality, it is becoming increasingly important to bring these fabrics into beautiful, new and individual shapes.
    Years of experience in cutting and manufacturing help us to put the finishing touches to the printed fabrics.
  • With this development, productions of large as well as single runs are carried out.

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