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Foto: ak_diamond_photography24

Press wall / sponsor wall - rent or buy

Your press event, your film premieres, your annual general meeting

This will make your event a success!

Press wall

For trade fairs and events

Whether politicians, models or celebreties

Photographers need a lot of space in the background!

Also known as: Backdrop, Logo Wall, Screen, Textile Wall, Wallcover

Sponsoring Wall, Fabric Wall, Wall Covering and Photo Wall

Our fabric prints are great for rolling and shipping

Quick and easy assembly of the mobile photo wall

You can rely on us!

Our SlimFrame press walls

We deliver for events,

Events, Film Debuts, Photo Shoot

Our press wall "GRANDE

Grande means up to 10 metres wide!

Ideal in combination with our printed carpets

We are known for "Hollywood Red-Carpets".

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Sponsor walls with our opaque tension fabrics

Buy system once and change motifs

order with us!

Yes, we rent out extra large press walls!

By the way: we will deliver your printed carpet at the same time!

By the way: We print carpets!

See: Red-Carpet at www.teppich-printer.de

Own manufacturing plant


Press wall printed with your logo / slim frame

Sponsorship wall for your event ➤ Full printing

Rent or buy your suitable press wall or sponsor wall for your event.

For press dates, film premieres, company events or annual general meetings, large LOGO back walls are often used as photo backgrounds.
What they all have in common is the task of enabling high-quality press photos on which, for example, the LOGOS of the main sponsors are easily recognizable.

Why Photofabrics SLIM-FRAME Press Walls?

  • Your sponsor wall or logo wall should be wrinkle-free so that press photographers can concentrate entirely on the celebrities photographed in front of it and no disturbing structures are visible in the background.
  • After years of experience, we have developed high-quality and cost-effective wall systems in the centre of the film and media city of Ludwigsburg that meet precisely these requirements. Depending on the intended use, we can supply fixed or mobile wall systems.
  • This also means that the press back is high enough. Good photographers usually shoot from belly height; with standard fabric folding walls, you often see the upper edge of the folding wall running through the middle of the faces. International film premieres have sponsor walls up to 4.00 metres high. This gives the impression of size and photographers have enough distance to the model and background. This creates a better depth of field.
  • The logos and the event title should also be clearly legible in the background. Your sponsors deserve that, after all, you are paying for it.
  • We use non-reflective printing materials to guarantee a high viewing quality. Our wall system is variable in size and can therefore be adapted exactly to your individual requirements. On request, we also offer a matching lighting system where the light colour is adjustable.
  • The material is non-reflective for optimal effect. All our systems are customised to your needs so that your event is a success.

We have designed just the right thing for you! See our press walls here and let us advise you depending on the intended use.
Immediately available and frequently used rental walls:

  • 5 x 2.50 metre wall incl. accessories, free-standing by means of base plates and side feet

Easy assembly directly at the event location, fabric covering made individually and suitably according to your print data.
Material: opaque fabric with black blockout back and high-resolution digital print on the front, B1 certified.
We offer the mobile press walls up to a width of approx. 10 meters. The focus here is on quick assembly and easy transport to the event location.

We are already happy with your request for measurements (maximum height, width, freestanding or with wall mount, date and location)
You still need the right red carpet for your event?
On carpet-printer.com you will find inspirations and will be surprised what is possible!

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