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Printed mattress pad

Use your
demonstration beds as advertising space!

Printed mattress protector

Mattresses in any special form

Printed mattress protector

Optimal protection and hygiene function

Printed mattress pad

Use your demonstration beds as advertising space!


Printed mattress protectors

if you are looking for printed protective toppers for mattresses, which brings not only aesthetic added value but also practical benefits, you have come to the right place. Our motif bed protectors and printed toppers offer an optimal protective and hygienic function for your mattresses and protect against dirt, moisture and wear marks. In addition, you can use your demonstration beds as an advertising space to address your customers.


We offer two different variants of mattress protectors:

Schutzauflagen | Stoffdruck von PhotoFabrics

Fabric overlay

This variant consists of a fabric overlay of 210 g decorative fabric B1 non-flammable. Upon request, we can also offer sewn-in strips and a rubberized microfiber.

Schutzauflagen | Stoffdruck von PhotoFabrics


The BedMats are printed mattress pads and consist of rubberized, tight-fitting rubber mats. Due to the latex coating and the high weight, they lie like one on your demonstration bed.

Material / Properties

High quality mattress protection pad for the foot part, made of smooth, easy-care polyester knitted fabric with high quality CMYK digital printing on non-slip natural foam rubber made of soft rubber, back, approx. 1.5 mm thickness, corners: cut at right angles, optionally round, total weight approx. 1080g/m2 For indoor use, easy to clean with vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner.

  • Surface: smooth polysatin material
  • As a back / base: black open-cell natural rubber - lays very harmoniously over the mattress.


We offer Five different standard sizes of mattress protectors:

67 x 40 cm 80 x 45 cm 89 x 45 cm 137 x 44 cm 180 x 44 cm 200 x 44 cm 220 x 44 cm 240x 44 cm

Application area

Our printed mattress protectors are perfect for furniture stores and bedding stores. They not only provide protection but also an attractive advertising space. Do not hesitate to contact us to request your printed mattress protectors.

We look forward to helping you out!

Upon request from our sewing room:

  • rounded corners
  • Insert pockets
  • Velcro fleece equipment
  • Rubber bands
  • Closures

Printed protective covers made of polyester fabric are popular.

This allows you to perfectly convey your product information.

Weights at both ends or fixing straps ensure a secure position.

Dimensions: Here we follow your ideas.

Special offer: from 5 pieces:

  • Printed mattress protector
  • Your motif on bed protector
  • Printed toppers
  • Your advertising on mattress topper
  • Pressure on foot protection
  • Foot protector printing
  • Protective cover
  • Printed plaid
  • Plaid print
  • Mattress Foot Protectors


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