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Fineart prints on fabric ( Fabric )

This is what we are known for: PhotoFabrics

Illuminated walls

Imposing and impressive advertising space

Create attention!

Fineart prints on fabric ( Fabric )

This is what we are known for: PhotoFabrics

Iluminated tenter frames/chord frames

Textile banners have become 80% accepted in retail because:

Quick motif change and easy to transport!

Display on both sides

Safe, stylish and mobile

12 m long illuminated area for a
renowned notary's office in Stuttgart

Verena Könekamp textile artist

Tensioning frame for wall cladding

Shorwrooms at media@home

Fashion textile stretchers

Farbmanagement, Produktion und

In-house quality control at PhotoFabrics

Textile stretcher frames ready printed and assembled with us

In-house production means more safety for you

In-house quality control at PhotoFabrics

Freestanding surfaces require more stability

Printed on one side/both sides

With or without lighting

Illuminated walls for your trade fair, your interior, your new retail shop

We print large quantities for well-known chain stores

and hotel chains

Example of an unlit surface with wall mounting

Inexpensive and narrow profiles are available for wall mounting!

Ask us!

Large illuminated areas

Handy and transportable

Change your motif as often as you like!

Gerne empfehlen wir Ihnen Partner für Akustiklösungen


Individually adapted frame systems

We print your FineArt - Art Exhibition

International artists, shipping companies and brand owners

We will be satisfied when you come back!

Boundless possibilities

We print fabrics!

Directly from production

Mobile stenter frame systems

For trade fairs, shopfitting, chain shops, shops and POS

Visit also our LED light display!

For ready-made LED acrylic frames available in large quantities from stock


Quick motif change

Thanks to matching clamping frame systems

Your LED tension frame

On request also with dimmer and remote control

There is a suitable profile for you too!

Frame profiles to your desired format

cut to size


Tenter frame printed - SlimFrame

Tensioning frame made of different materials including individually printed textile tensioning fabric which is attached to the frame profile by means of a silicone piping sewn into the tensioning fabric.

Our stretch frames are all of high quality workmanship and uncomplicated to use. All tenter frames guarantee a quick and easy change of motif. A very special version is our illuminated tenter frames, which have a high-quality, low-maintenance LED light field integrated.

The aluminium clamping frame profiles are available in a maximum length of 6 metres. Here, a precision laser cut ensures the exact mitre angle that meets the high demands of gallery owners and exhibition stand builders. New orders for changeable motifs are easy to handle, as the ready-made fabrics can be sent rolled without any problems and can be exchanged in the tenter frame on site and stretched without creases. It was no problem to successfully transport the new fabric prints to exhibitions in Dubai or St. Petersburg because of their transportability.


  • Fast, foolproof motif change
  • Single or double sided
  • Practically no frame visible from the front
  • The tensioning fabric does not throw waves even in large formats
  • Optionally with LED backlighting
  • Brilliant colour printing in non-reflective, silk matt quality
  • Improved room acoustics, up to and including acoustic insulation
  • Brilliant colours and very good light fastness
  • Motifs are arbitrarily interchangeable

FAQ Tensioning frame - SlimFrame

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our stretch frames/SlimFrame

Viewing distance Data resolution 1:1
0 - 2 m min. 150 dpi recommended
2 - 5 m 100 - 150 dpi recommended
> 5 m 72 - 100 dpi recommended

To make it easier for you to assemble the frames, you will receive assembly instructions from us. In addition, we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

  • BASIC profile: 19mm construction depth.
  • BIG profile: 26.8mm construction depth.
  • DOUBLE profile: 44mm construction depth.
  • 100 profile: 100mm construction depth.
  • 150 profile: 150 mm construction depth.

For further dimensions, just ask us!

  • BASIC: No size limit due to direct wall mounting.
    BIG: No size limit due to wall mounting.

    • Hanging max. size without stabiliser up to approx. 150 x 300 cm
    • Hanging max. size with stabiliser up to approx. 150 x 600 cm
    • Free-standing max. size without stabiliser up to approx. 120 x 250 cm
    • Free-standing max. size with stabiliser up to approx. 200 x 300 cm
    • for larger solutions: 100 profile.

A stabiliser is a cross strut that is attached to the frame to prevent the aluminium profiles from sagging above a certain size.

  • With the BASIC profile: No stabiliser is used here. The frame is only suitable for direct wall mounting.
  • With the BIG profile: If the frame is wall-mounted, a stabiliser is not necessary here either. If the frame is freely suspended, a stabiliser is necessary from 1.70 running metres.
  • For the DOUBLE profile: A stabiliser is required from 1.70 running metres.
  • With the 100 profile: Here, a stabiliser is necessary from 2.00 running metres.
  • For the 150 profile: Here, a stabiliser is necessary from 2.00 running metres.

Curved frames are possible, but this depends on the desired radius and volume.

  • LED Thin: Up to 2 m2
  • LED module: Up to 2 m on one side (the other side can be extended in length as required)
  • LED Chain: For all XXL solutions

LED lighting has enormous advantages over fluorescent tubes. The energy consumption is much lower and the LED modules are lighter. This saves costs for electricity and transport. A decisive advantage is also the 5 times longer service life of the LEDs and the associated savings for replacement and maintenance.

Lumen: This is the total visible luminous flux produced by a light source.
Lux: This is the illuminance. See the luminous flux that hits a surface, such as the fabric of a light box.
Kelvin: This describes the colour of light:

  • 4,000 Kelvin - Warm light
  • 6,000 Kelvin - daylight
  • 7,000 Kelvin - Cold (blue) light
Depending on the room situation and application, different brightness levels of light are necessary.
The amount of material needed for the ideal acoustic damping of a room depends on the size of the room, the furnishings and the condition of the walls, floors and ceilings. We work closely with soundproofing partners who will be happy to measure the individual 'acoustic fingerprint' of the room for you. Through this measurement the acoustic situation of a room and then optimised with the appropriate products and objects. We will be happy to help you with a good contact.

In addition to arguments such as product quality, length of guarantee and qualified advice from the Photofabrics team, there is a meaningful chain of argumentation that speaks for our products. We are happy to talk about it!

For 'simple' frames (unlit, without acoustics) in customary purchase quantities, we have a delivery time of approx. 6-8 working days. For orders with lighting technology and for larger quantities, a longer delivery time of approx. 15 working days must be expected.

Depending on product variation, volume and quantity. Also pallet shipping. All frames are individually packed for safety and warranty reasons.

You are welcome to make an appointment with us to also receive advice on site and experience our products live in our showroom.

Our frames can be adapted in size according to your needs. Even beyond the format, our creative team will find a solution for your individual problem. Our products are versatile, nothing stands in the way of your wishes and ideas!

Our profiles have a length of 6.08 m.
The sales units for bar stock vary depending on the profile:

  • BASIC: 10 profile bars
  • BIG: 6 profile bars
  • DOUBLE: 4 profile bars
  • 100s: 2 profile bars
  • 150s: 2 profile bars

We offer an express version for this purpose. This gives you the opportunity to speed up the shipping date according to your needs. Contact us!

On request, your frames can be powder-coated in colour before delivery.
Standard colours and many RAL colours are possible.

Counselling direct:

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Personal advice is important to us! We are happy to be there for you personally and advise you on individual printing requests.