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Stentering frames – SlimFrame

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Stentering frames – SlimFrame

Stentering frames are made of different materials inclusive individually printed strechted fabric,
which is fastened in the frame profile by sewn-in silicon welting.

All of our stentering frames are with high-quality craftsmanship and simple to use. All stentering frames guarantee a fast and easy change of themes. Special versions are our illuminating stentering frames with an integrated high-quality and low-maintenance LED light field.

The stentering frame profiles made of aluminium are available maximum length 6 meter. A precision laser cut provides the precise mitre angle, which satisfies the high requirement of gallery owners and booth builders. The innovative themes make an exchange easy, because the ready- made fabrics can be sent out being rolled without causing any problem. On-site they are exchanged in the stentering frame. Last but not least they are stretched and thus free of crease. Because of the optimal transportability it was no problem to ship the new print fabrics
successfully to Dubai or St. Petersburg.


  • change of themes is quick and foolproof
  • one-sided or both-sided
  • The frame is invisible when you look from the front
  • The stretched fabric does not throw waves in large formats.
  • LED background lighting optional
  • brilliant colour prints of non-reflecting, silk-matt quality
  • improved room acoustics to acoustic insulation
  • bright colours and a very good fastness to light
  • themes are optionally interchangeable

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