Fabric print from PhotoFabrics

illuminated NEON clamping frame

New backlit fabric impresses with contrast and saturation

The new Speedy Hybrid printing stock from Krefeld-based manufacturer KREA Technische Textilien impresses with the special luminosity of its colors. The material was developed for use in light boxes and can be printed digitally with latex or sublimation inks. The print service provider Photofabrics from Ludwigsburg is already using the material and is enthusiastic: "We achieve incredibly beautiful print results with Speedy Hybrid in digital printing with 1,440 dpi. The special feature is the enormous increase in contrast and color saturation due to a double ink application. The intensity of the colors with good illumination in light boxes is impressive," says Peter Sapper, managing director of Photofabrics. Producer KREA supplies the substrate in widths of 160, 260 and 320 cm, with roll lengths of approximately 100 m. The material with a grammage of 190 grams per square meter can be cut cold.


About Photofabrics

Photofabrics GmbH, based in Ludwigsburg, is a company for large-format digital printing, advertising technology, fabric and carpet printing, and interior design. Managing Director Peter Sapper currently has around 20 employees and offers services in the specialist areas of advertising technology, fabric printing and carpet printing. Since 2009, Sapper has held a stake in Belgian carpet manufacturer S-Print NV, where it prints carpet sheeting 2 meters wide. Technology partners include ink manufacturer Marabu from Tamm.